Why Jerome

Why Jerome

Nov 08, 2023Margot Zigmont

I’m thrilled to be able to sell Jerome Dreyfuss at tea & oranges.  It represents an effortless and cool French girl aesthetic - who doesn’t want to embody that?  I picked out these pieces back in February and I was every bit inspired Cricket, my 10yo black & tan German Shepherd who happens to be one of my favorite people. 

black & tan inspo for jerome dreyfuss

I wanted to be able to present our picks all at once, driven by the quirky notion that it would be more fun to show it in a way that best reflected my dog.  There’s some method to my madness, though!  I feel like a great bag has something in common with a gal’s best friend:

  • They’re always by our side
  • We love them more the longer they’re with us
  • They age beautifully

Plus, in the same way we aspire to be all the good things about our dogs, I feel like we pick a bag for ourselves that represents what we want to be.  

We JUST received the entirety of our fall order for Jerome Dreyfuss, and while I waited patiently two things happened.  

First, I did a deep dive into why the brand incorporates so many elements of design and functionality into their bags.  They’re made to fit comfortably on a human body for an ergonomic fit, and they’re practically designed with pockets and compartments galore.  They’re always versatile: often the straps have highly adjustable lengths so you can wear it anywhere from a hobo style to crossbody. 

That classic Clip-Clap clutch has a ratchet style closure that is nostalgic but purposeful: it’s there to remind us that old and new ideas can function together with relevance. 

The Ben bucket bag has press stud fastenings like you’d expect to see on an old army coat, reminding us that this cute little bag has some can-do abilities. 

The Mario bag has some clear 70’s inspired styling, with Dreyfuss referencing a time in history when women started to break free from roles and styles that were previously decided for them.  In this respect they’re a little more than your quintessential cool French bag.  There’s a bit of poetry about them.

Next: this extraordinary person came and bought herself a very versatile Jerome Dreyfuss bag.  Don’t get me wrong, all of our customers are extraordinary, but she left us feeling like our cups runneth over.  She bought herself the Jerry bag, a style that exceeds our expectations of versatility. (Sorry peeps, Jerry is now sold out, but we do want to show you how cool this style is.)

She started with “I love Jerome Dreyfuss!” and the conversation quickly turned to her trip to Paris scheduled for the spring - something planned to celebrate her birthday.   Then there was her split decision to treat herself to Jerry: her kids are young, she is recently divorced, and she’s not going to wait for her kids (or anyone else) to figure out what she wants for her birthday, she was buying it for herself.  And then she said “I am responsible for my own happiness” - saying it with such pride in ownership that it was completely disarming.  Mind you, this was not the end of her story.  There were other bumps along the way, and she spoke of them like they were accomplishments, not obstacles.  I felt like this bag and this woman were meant for each other! She was clearly capable of facing all sorts of challenges and navigating them with grace and a smile, and her bag could be all the different things she needed as she changed course - and look chic along the way.  

She left us with a healthy dose of her grace and strength. I loved Jerome Dreyfuss that much more knowing that this is the type of person that loves the brand and the bags. As someone who finds meaning in all the details, my appreciation of the brand multiplied knowing that gorgeous, unflappable women are the ones drawn to Jerome Dreyfuss.  

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