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comfortable, easy to wear, stylish and eye-catching.  oh, plus all of our jewelry comes from small producers and is made by hand.

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Mevia Bronze Charm Pendant


Cage Pearl/Bronze Earrings


Stamen Pearl/Bronze Earring


Forget Me Not Bronze/Pearl Earrings


Daisy Chain Necklace


Mevia Bronze Earrings


Prong Set Pyrite Studs, 14K


Prong Set Labradorite Studs, 14K


Green Amethyst Single Drop Earring, 14K Gold


Blue Topaz Drop Earring, 14K Gold


Labradorite Drop Earring, 14K Gold


Blue Sapphire Drop Earring, 14K Gold


Herkimer Diamond Drop Earring, 14K


Sterling Silver Hugger Hoops


14k gold bezel wrapped labradorite hug earring


Wishbone Hoop Earring, extra small, 14K gold.


14k gold prong set pyrite hug earring


Convertible Wrap Bracelet, Wynonna


Wishbone Hoop Earring, Small, 14K gold.


14k gold bezel wrapped Australian opal hug earring


Tourmaline Geolux Necklace, 14K


Chalcedony Geolux Necklace, 14K


Peach Moonstone Pendant, 18kt oval bezel


Chalcedony/Tourmaline Pendant, 14kt baguette bezel


Rutilated Quartz/Emerald Pendant, 18kt oval bezel


Peach Moonstone/Fire Opal Pendant, 14kt oval bezel


Irregular Emerald Pendant, 14kt oval bezel


Citrine/Topaz Bracelet


Amethyst Baguette Earrings, 14K


Triangle Emerald Earrings, 14K


Fire Opal Cabochon Earrings, 14K


Oval Tourmaline Earrings, 14K


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