About Tea & Oranges

Tea & Oranges is a women’s accessories and apparel boutique in downtown Summit, NJ.  Named after a line from a favorite song and inspired by a lifetime of women with character, Tea & Oranges aims to bring you distinctive and stylish pieces for your wardrobe. 

We want to bring you fashion made with purpose and care. We want to bring you pieces you wear often and with joy. We hope that when you walk out the door wearing your Tea & Oranges, you feel like your best version of yourself. 

 At Tea & Oranges, we want to elevate your everyday.

We believe that your accessories make the outfit.  That's why we're bringing you distinctive, well-made pieces that drive your look.  Everything is meant to be versatile and easy to wear.

Apparel offerings will always be brands that we trust and pieces that we know you can wear all the time; clothes that can be worn a dozen different ways.