New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

Dec 31, 2023Margot Zigmont

Who is into New Years’ Resolutions?  Mine is usually the same: wear lipstick or something of the sort.  I typically forget that it’s a priority after a couple weeks (although I’ve gotten better about it in 2023 thanks to Chantecaille’s LipChic which feels like an elevated lip balm to me).  

This year my husband uncharacteristically made a resolution and stuck to it: to make dinner for the family once a week.  We all benefited from the deliciousness of his resolution, but he seemed to really appreciate the structure this added to his week.  Plus, he pushed himself outside his comfort zone and learned new things.  (I got him a new cookbook for xmas to encourage him to keep up the good work.) 

Inspired by Zig, I decided to create some resolutions about getting dressed that would add some structure to a week’s worth of my wardrobe.  Rather than saying “it’s time to change” I wanted to come back to some of my core values about personal style and getting dressed - and to consider ways to be creative around them.  In case you’re wondering about my core values?  Getting dressed: versatility and comfort.  Personal style: capsule wardrobe pieces and good neutrals are a driving force, but I like to have fun and I don’t give a hoot about trends.  

That being said, my weekly goals for getting dressed are:

  1. Wear my Billion Dollar Pants 1x/week
    Frank & Eileen’s Murphy Pant (aka Billion Dollar Pant) is our best seller at T&O year after year.  They’re comfortable (beyond belief) and flattering and I tell people to wear them when they need to be nice to themselves. I don’t practice what I preach or wear them often.  I feel like I’m cheating and not wearing real pants.  The thing is, I am always happy when I wear them because they actually do feel that good.  

  2. Embrace Animal Prints
    Because animal prints (and metallics) are always a favorite neutral.  A good scarf from Inoui Editions or Sabina Savage can always be that piece that ties a simple look together and acts like the icing on the cake, but I need to consider other pieces that act as neutrals and add some spice: bags or shoes or a great animal print pant, top or dress.

  3. Sneaker Style
    Similar to my resistance to Billion Dollar Pants, I don’t wear sneakers that often.  I always want to be taller and often wear a heel (albeit stacked and comfortable).  But I’m on my feet all day and I move a lot - I know my feet will thank me for this one.  

  4. Wear a dress or skirt once a week
    Because they are very comfortable and very versatile.  When the going gets tough I tend to revert to jeans or pants.  I choose to start believing that a skirt or a dress is just as hardworking as my trusty pants

  5. Dress Like a Tomboy 1x a week
    David Bowie and Charlie Chaplin have always been style icons for me, androgyny rules and I am and always have been a tomboy, it’ll be fun to let this side of me have a moment.  

Other New Years Resolutions:

Knit at least 5 minutes everyday - I fell out of the habit big time this year amidst all of my chaos.  Time to make time for my mental health activity.

Hire professionals for personal maintenance - I cut my own hair in 2023.  Not because of weird principles but because I’d decide I needed a haircut and that I needed it AT THAT MOMENT.  Time to plan ahead and get professional help. 

A good thing for my family is that my husband is keeping up with his home cooked family dinners, so maybe I'll keep you posted on if I can keep up with this structure and his delicious home cooking, also!

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