Sabina Savage

Dancing Delphinus, small ribbon, ocean



So, Delphinus is escorted on his final journey through the wine-colored sea by the subjects of Poseidon, the earth shaker, and he is accompanied by the haunting son of the sirens. Sweet-footed Thetis dives to gather the spoils of the sea and the finest mortal-made gifts the depths have to offer, for she brings vessel and statues, and coins from every corner of the land. And from the shores of Delphi, a hollow ship leads the way towards Mt. Olympus, steered by the Oceanids, and they string gentle Delphinus with the gift of a beautifully wrought golden Kithara to take his new home amongst the stars.  

100% silk, measuring 5cm x 95cm (approx. 2in x 37in), dry clean only.

 Mythos: an Odyssean fable of courage and bravery; an acknowledgment of alternative heroes. 

Zeus sits atop Mount Olympus, watching the mortals below like we watch television. When a sonneteer at Delphi catches his attention he is summoned to Mount Olympus to entertain Zeus. Ultimately though, Zeus is unsatisfied with the sonneteers tales - each story of “bravery” is really about a man and his violence. Zeus demands the sonneteer tell a story of true bravery. Taking a moment to regroup, the sonneteer tells each story from a different perspective, that of the animal companions of these Greek heroes. These stories are Greek, and therefore tragic, with each story ending with the animal dying in an act of selfless courage for its human companion. Zeus is so touched by these stories of these creatures and bravery, that he deifies each, inviting them to enjoy immortality with him at Mount Olympus, and as we know them today as constellation in the heavens.