Sabina Savage

Birds of Innocence, Eggshell Small Ribbon


Samplers of Sincerity is Sabina Savage's SS23 collection and is inspired by the tradition of samplers as not only a means for embroiderers to record their stitches, motifs and patterns for future use.  Beginning in the 1600s sampler making became an educational tool for for young women.  The subject matter included numbers, letters, architectural elements and often moral or religious texts, usually in rhyme. In traditional samplers, the subject matter often combined dainty, delicate needlework with a grave moral warning.  

Sabina's collection includes her own hand-drawn samplers, created "stitch by stitch."  She hopes to mix the "embroidered" elements alongside a more serious message (represented by the "unstitched" elements of the design), the animals themselves.  This collection serves as a warning for us to protect the animals on our earth.  Her verses are simplified moral warnings for us to heed.  

This design features an assortment of wild birds from around the world, all deemed to be endangered or threatened species. Birds depicted in pieces of jewelry are already extinct.  100% silk.  Dry clean only. Measures 5cm x 95cm (approx. 2"x37")