Ambre Blends

30ML Pure Essence Oil


Designed to be an economical & environmentally friendly refill for your 12ML bottle (no applicator included). Your body heat and chemistry will do the rest! 

Ambre Essence: deep smells of precious woods with a smokey undertone; fresh & clean with a slight musky note once absorbed and given time to react to the body chemistry and body heat.

Invoke Essence: neroli, jasmine & a touch of rose; Ambre Essence & sandalwood

Solace Essence: a deep, tenacious spice; Ambre Essence, warm vanilla with a sweet undertone

Unmasque Essence: mandarin red, blood orange, clove, black pepper & coffee; Ambre Essence, vegan leather blend, sandalwood & patchouli

Ahnu Essence: violet leaf, lotus flower & tuberose; Ambre Essence, myhrr, tobacco, champaca & rosewood

Made with natural, pure & certified organic ingredients.