top 5 things to know about t&o

top 5 things to know about t&o

Apr 25, 2023Margot Zigmont

why a top 5?
back in the day, I used to put together top 5 lists with my girlfriends before going out at night.  We'd pick very serious topics like "top 5 songs I'm going to scream at the top of my lungs tonight" or "top 5 boys I want to make out with tonight." Whether I'm collecting my thoughts or setting goals, I still compile a top 5 when I need to get my act together.

1. Hi, I'm Margot

Tea & Oranges is my little biz and it's very much a reflection of my values as they relate to small business, community, our wardrobes and personal style. 

2. We'd like to sell you the sort of thing that you're going to wear 100 times

It's a bit about "buy less, buy better."  More than anything, we want the things we sell to feel effortless, so you wear them easily and often - like your favorite white shirt, your most comfortable jeans or your favorite boss pants.  If we sell you a beautiful dress or piece of jewelry, we want you to make some really fun memories in them.  

3. We love a good story

Our favorite brands are the ones who have a story.  Sabina Savage and Chufy are inspired by history, art and travels.  K. Jacques and Moismont are multi-generation, family-owned brands.  Pedro Garcia creates shoes with a commitment to comfort and a unique style perspective.  Whether it's a point of inspiration or a commitment to craftsmanship, quality and/or design, they bring a point of view that we are eager to share.

4. To Heck With Rules

We don't pay much attention to old-school fashion codes of conduct.  Listen to yourself.  Is it comfortable? Does it make you feel great about yourself? Do you love it? These are the things that matter to us most when you're dressing yourself.

5. Who puts tea with oranges?

I think someone was being a little snarky when they asked me this, but the answer is Leonard Cohen.  It's a line from my favorite song, Suzanne.  I grew up listening to a version by Nina Simone.  It goes "she feeds you tea and oranges that come all the way from China." I feel the line captures what we hope to do at T&O - to give you something that effortlessly fits into your everyday life, but is woven into your world in a way that makes a memory that can last a lifetime.

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