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Gail Winbury is now working from her home studio in Westfield, New Jersey. Her studio, pre-Covid-19, was in East Orange, New Jersey.

She is both an abstract painter and a maker of books and collages. Her work has been in exhibitions and collected throughout the United States, Germany, Italy and Mexico. Winbury has won awards and participated in artists residencies and fellowships. Her work is shown in museums, galleries and universities. Before Covid-19, she was scheduled for two one-woman exhibitions in Manhattan, New York and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Please check her website and Instagram page for more and up to date information.

Gail Winbury is delighted to share her collages with a new audience and to work with Margot of Tea & Oranges. Please contact us at or to inquire further.  Payment will be made via Paypal to Gail Winbury.


Instagram page: gwinburystudio


(all images pictured below their description) 

Azoltea, mixed media collage, 20" x 22", 2017,( framed, matted, and  under glass) $800, I live in San Miguel De Allende every year for at least a  month. Azoltea means rooftop. In Mexican houses, rooftops give a beautiful mountain  and city view and are living spaces. However,  this collage, was composed of hand cut pieces of watercolor and oils, including a map from and paper from Israel.

Azoltea by Gail Winbury

Cave Dwellers, mixed media collage, 24" x 28", matted, 2017, (matted) $600
It is an imaginary landscape, a timeless sanctuary. This collage is composed of hand cut pieces of oil and watercolor paintings and play pearls.
Cave Dwellers by Gail Winbury
Mi Corizon Lates, mixed media collage, 26" x 30", 2019,  (framed, matted and under glass) $950 . I fell in love with San Miguel De Allende about 9 years ago. Artists I barely knew invited me to visit for a week. I have since returned every year staying longer and longer.  As much as the collage celebrates place, it is also a reminder of the passage of time and how important it is to live as fully as we can.
Corazon Lates by Gail Winbury
Pilgrimage, collage, 23" x 28", 2018, (matted) $600. I was given a grant to participate in an artist exchange in Israel, and to live with an Israel family in Arad. I spent a week first in Tel Aviv visiting museums, Jaffe and spiritual sites. The collage is composed of cut paper from my drawings, Sumi ink and oils, maps and travel brochures of Israel. I find Israel enchanting, complex, disturbing and intensely beautiful. 
Pilgrimage by Gail Winbury
Printemp, mixed media collage, 16" x 26", 2018  (matted) $520. The word is French for Spring, but the feeling is Italian. I've traveled to Italy about 6 times, two of those times alone on art trips. Once I lived in Puglia for a month and painted in a castle from ten hundred A.D. I spent 3 hours one day at the Maliparmi store in Rome deciding whether or not to buy this extraordinary hand designed coat. I did!
Printemps by Gail Winbury
Riff on Now and Then, mixed media collage, 30" x 26", 2018,  (matted, framed, under glass) $950. I grew up in a family that traveled a lot. I had paper dolls from Korea and Japan as a little girl, and my house was filled with adopted Aunts and Uncles from all over the world. This collage is a jazz riff on my childhood. It includes archival paper which is 50 years old. The travel bug was passed down to me.
Riff on Now and Then by Gail Winbury
Topsy Turvy, Mixed media collage, 19" x 24", $600  2018
This collage is meant to be playful .  Not about place, this art is about design and feeling.  It is composed all of my own work.
Topsy Turvy by Gail Winbury
They Knew How Lucky They Were, mixed media collage, 16.3" x 18.3", 2018 $520  (matted). The collage captures a moment of gratitude that can be felt anywhere in the world.
They Knew They Were Lucky by Gail Winbury
We Always Take the Long Way Home, mixed media collage, 27" x 27", 2016 (Framed, matted, under glass and ready to hang) $800 
When I lived in Puglia I participated in a fellowship from the Bau Foundation in Otranto. We often took hikes in Bauxite hills. This collage was made while there. The fellowship started my collage practice. There was no place for me to wash my painting materials and no electricity so I had to work fast. I began to make collages.
We Always Take the Long Way Home by Gail Winbury



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