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Margaret Solow

Margaret Solow

effortless and elegant jewelry to be worn every day.

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Peach Moonstone + Keshi Pearl Bracelet


Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet


Mystic Moonstone + Herkimer Quartz Bracelet


Labradorite + 3 Herkimer Quartz Bracelet


Labradorite + Herkimer Quartz Bracelet


Black Diamond Wren Necklace, 18K


Rustic + Cognac Diamond Wren Necklace, 18K


Tourmaline Geolux Necklace, 14K


Chalcedony Geolux Necklace, 14K


Peach Moonstone Pendant, 18kt oval bezel


Chalcedony/Tourmaline Pendant, 14kt baguette bezel


Fire Opal Cabochon Earrings, 14K


Oval Tourmaline Earrings, 14K


Opal/Tourmaline Bracelet


Oval Kyanite Drop Earrings, 14K


Iolite + Black Diamond Beaded Bracelet


Blue Topaz Pendant, 14kt round bezel


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