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Lovely Layers

Lovely Layers

shiny stacks of necklaces

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Black Diamond Wren Necklace, 18K


Rustic + Cognac Diamond Wren Necklace, 18K


Tourmaline Geolux Necklace, 14K


Chalcedony Geolux Necklace, 14K


Peach Moonstone Pendant, 18kt oval bezel


Blue Topaz Pendant, 14kt round bezel


Walter Chain


Savi Choker


Rae Chain


Sarain Chain


Mevia Bronze Charm Pendant


moonstone mini double cross necklace 18k


labradorite chiclet choker 18k


moonstone chiclet choker 18k


aquamarine chiclet choker 18k


18k beaded multi cluster choker


BFF Necklace + Bracelet/Night Sky


BFF Necklace + Bracelet/Fawn


Herkimer Diamond Necklace, 14k Gold


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